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Nurturing, Care and Knowledge for Parents and Doulas


Doulas are professionals who provides in home or hospital care also physical and emotional support to families during pregnancy, labor, delivery and after childbirth known as postpartum period or the 4th Trimester.

Doulas Institute is the place for families and doulas to grow their knowledge and connections.

Our vision is:

To provide evidence based education for families and to provide training for doulas.

Helping families with evidence-based information throughout conceiving, pregnancy, and postpartum and making changes little by little in the birthing community.

Our mission is:

To promote partnerships of growth and connections in between birth workers and families in need, providing training and education for both parties.

We value your choices. Here at Doulas Institute we believe that all birthing people have the right to choose what's best for their body, family and their life.




Hello I'm Jessica Garcez, I have been a full spectrum doula since 2016 and coach parents and doulas to be.
I will be one of your facilitators, providing brith and postpartum classes for doulas to be and childbirth education for families.
I wish to serve the birthing community with integrity and respect. I created this school-platform so we can connect and hold space for one another without judgement as well as helping each other in decision making with informed consent.
I believe that all birthing people have a choice and they should be heard and respected.

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(510) 246-6223

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