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Amber Pirker

I am a postpartum doula trained by Childbirth Professionals International. My passion for new motherhood and newborns began when I became a mother to my first baby in 2006 as an ex-pat American in Salvador, Brazil. I never imagined I would be so in love with the process of childbirth and the days of baby snuggling that followed. When my second child was born in 2009 in Berkeley, California, I knew I wanted to be involved with new motherhood as a career. My third birth in 2011 solidified my desire to help welcome and transition new babies into the world alongside their families.


In 2014, I started studying to get my BSN to become a labor and delivery and postpartum nurse. While working through the courses, I decided to take a pause due to personal reasons, with the intent to return to them. During that pause, I learned about the important work of doulas and decided that was a perfect fit for me. I love and appreciate the science that goes along with nursing, but the personal touch and love of being a birth partner and baby whisperer fits me more than anything.


I speak fluent Portuguese. I am very LGBTQ friendly. I will never judge any individual's personal circumstances, preferences, or wishes. I am excited to meet your new family!

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