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Amanda Fernandes

I'm Amanda, a dedicated and certified Postpartum Doula committed to bringing comfort and support to your growing family. With over 6 years of nurturing experience in childcare, my journey into the world of postpartum care began with a heartfelt passion for working with children, solidifying my calling in life.

With a genuine love for supporting families, I am committed to making your transition into parenthood as seamless and joyous as possible.


My dedication, patience, and innate organizational skills ensure that I am fully equipped to navigate the challenges of new parenthood alongside you.

As your Postpartum Doula, my mission is to provide a warm and comforting presence, offering invaluable assistance as you embrace the wonders of parenthood. With deep respect for your decisions and an abundance of love, I am here to empower your family to thrive during this magical journey.


Let's embark on this adventure together, creating cherished memories and a strong foundation for your growing family.

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Amanda Fernandes
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