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Paola Gonzalez

Hello everyone! 


I’m a 54 year old woman who has dedicated her entire life to child care and support.


I’m a doula and a Pediatrician Doctor with specialist in Pulmonology and Early Stimulation. I had been in multiple congresses, courses, symposiums and conferences in Argentina and Brazil, always trying to improve my knowledge on children care to give the best to my patients.

I came to the U.S. to have new experiences and looking for new horizons. I have been working with families taking care of their children as a nanny. In addition, this year I became a certificated postpartum doula.



I’m a very responsible and kind person who is always trying to do her best to help not only the kids but also the parents. I speak Spanish, Portuguese and English. I’m fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with 4 doses of Pfizer vaccine and I have all the vaccines. Every year I take a flu shoot too.

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