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Mariana Ferreira

I am Mariana Ferreira, a certified postpartum doula with expertise from Childbirth Professionals International. Based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, I am dedicated to providing families with a safe, loving, and respectful environment during the arrival of their baby.


My passion for empowering experiences is reflected in the comprehensive range of services I offer, including educational support, newborn care, and practical assistance such as diaper changes, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding guidance, and safety education. I take pride in being part of a community of professionals committed to delivering quality care with respect, dignity, and compassion.


My non-judgmental and emotionally supportive approach ensures that my clients receive the guidance they need before, during, and after the birthing process. As a dedicated advocate for both parents and babies, I strive to provide holistic education and resources for a positive postpartum journey.

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Mariana Ferreira
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