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"The Crucial Role of Partner Support in Pregnancy:A Doula's Perspective"

In the journey of pregnancy, the support system surrounding an expectant mother becomes paramount for a happy and healthier experience. As a Doula with eight years of experience, I've witnessed the impact of a partner's role, particularly in the context of heterosexual couples.

In a world where women are often labeled as the "weaker sex," it's essential to recognize the strength required during pregnancy. Picture a pregnant woman rushing to the hospital alone, facing potential health risks for both her and the baby. If you were the partner, what would your instinct be? Should a woman explicitly state her need for support, or is it an automatic instinct for a cis man to protect his beloved partner?

Consider the scenario where everything turns out well, but the woman had to endure the stress of the hospital visit alone. How does this affect her mental state, and what impact does it have on the relationship? Are pregnancy hormones solely to blame for relationship strains, or do the actions and reactions of the couple play a more substantial role beneath the surface?

Reflecting on positive outcomes, even when faced with minor scares like random spotting, the question arises: How can a woman emerge from such situations with a positive view of her partner and relationship after navigating the hospital alone?

This isn't just one person's story; it's a situation many women globally face, being the pillar of strength for themselves and their baby despite having a partner. It's a conversation that needs attention.

While society might perceive women as "cute little things," we are the true kings and warriors. From my perspective as a woman, embracing my partner's care and reciprocating that care has opened my heart to numerous possibilities. In these moments, a community or village may not be what we need; sometimes, all we crave is the support of our partners to be ourselves without judgment.

In conclusion, nobody is perfect, but everyone can make an effort to be there for their partner during the incredible journey of pregnancy.

Thank you for reading, and I invite you to share your thoughts on this crucial aspect of supporting expectant mothers. By: Jessica Garcez

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